PSI Services Ltd.

With our exceptional maintenance and contracting services

PSI Services Ltd. was founded over a decade ago from humble beginnings. Over time, the company steadily grew its range of services while continuing to refine and develop its signature brand of quality and customer service.

Reliable & Trustworthy Service

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and skill in the field. We also network with others within and outside our field of expertise, which allows us to provide informed and effective solutions to our clients.

Helping you face the Challenge

We ensure that our clients can face any challenge with regards to building and property maintenance during and even after service. We can serve property owners from a wide cross-section of sectors including: residential, commercial, marine and industrial.

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Additional Services

At PSI Services Ltd. we’re passionate about people and their properties. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing a full range of maintenance and contracting services. No matter the property or project – we have a solution!

Landscaping And Ecological Engineering

We use best practice landscaping and geo-technical engineering solutions to mitigate and solve a range of land issues as well as maintain and enhance the look of your property.


PSI Services Ltd. is committed to making your operations safer through the supply of PPE, sanitization products and hardware, HSE consultancy, and biodecontamination services.


Give your property a stunning overhaul with our innovative and proprietary restoration services.


Add a touch of excellence to your property with our impressive range of expert maintenance services. In the competent hands of the PSI Services team, any property can be transformed from mediocre to magnificent.